Timepiece Design – Edifice Casio

Being in fashion space for over fifteen years now, one thing I like to harp on about is how accessories will make or break an outfit. Whilst the clothing element is the largest part of any stylist’s business, you can often express your individual style just as much through your accessories as you can with clothing; this is why it’s important to choose your accessories wisely

The king of men’s accessories, and something I’ve always loved, has always been the watch. Choosing a watch to invest in is one of the most important personal style choices you can make. Especially when you wear a watch regularly.

I always recommend that my clients wear a watch. If they are the type to prefer minimalism and have just one accessory, then the watch is my first pick. Every guy has their preference, such as to what size or type of band. One watch doesn’t usually suit all occasions. I recommend having at least one for casual wear, and one for special occasions or going out.

My current favourite is my Edifice Casio timepiece. The team at Edifice Casio Australia were very generous to give me a Super Illuminator Series design, retailing at $449. This design caught my eye the moment I saw it, and I have been getting so many compliments on it ever since. A definite conversation-starter.


Some of its many cool features are the Dual Dial world time, the 100m water resistance, date display, alarm and the World Map Dial. I feel like I’m channeling James Bond! Certainly a watch worthy of a 007 agent. Apart from the high tech specs, this modern-style timepiece is beautiful to look at, with a dark blue dial, pink-gold accents and the way it has a luxury, heavy metal feel on my wrist.

This style of watch is one I would mainly wear in the evening and sometimes during the day when I go to important meetings with clients or for a special daytime occasion. It’s the perfect style for luxury dressing and making a bold statement.





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