One thing l love when traveling for work to review hotels, is getting the opportunity to see each type of room available; from standard rooms to executive suites, and also to the luxurious presidential-style suites.

It was such a pleasure to recently stay and review the lovely Pullman Brisbane Airport hotel. LOCATION The hotel is conveniently located in close proximity …

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Upon entering the hotel, you’ll be greeted by a pair of beautiful, large mediterranean style urns and a breezy foyer. I really appreciate when a hotel puts thought into its design and into making guests feel relaxed and welcome; after all, first impressions really do count.

Voco hotels is part of the leading international lifestyle hotel brand, IHG, spanning across the globe, including Australia, UK, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi …

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Dark, sultry, rich, ambient, elegant; are just a few words I’d used to describe their new refurbishment. Moody lighting, draping between sleek and stylish black interiors, you’ll feel sexy just entering this place

During my recent Brisbane trip, I visited a selection of restaurants, cafes and bars that are on the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment. …

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Traditional Turkish cuisine is comprised of multiple tantalizing meals which all compliment one another

One of my favourite cuisines is Turkish food, yet I rarely get a chance to eat it as there aren’t any Turkish restaurants around the …

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This elegant boutique hotel was apparently restored from its 1924 glory, and is heritage listed; all which added to the excitement of my stay.

My impression upon arrival is that the Springfield Lodge is located in a very beautiful looking building. It certainly has a European charm to it, …

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An extensive and delicious food menu with very fresh produce and friendly faces to match.

I recently travelled to Brisbane for work, my first time in QLD in fact, and in between meetings I was able to enjoy some of …

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The hotel is stylish and contemporary in design, created to suit all tastes, in a confident yet non-pretentious way.

I recently visited Canberra and had the pleasure of staying at the Deco Hotel. I have lived in Sydney most of my life and this …

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The Italian word Quadrifoglio translates to ‘four leaf clover’, which is a notable symbol of luck for the exquisite brand.

Alfa Romeo Australia is a brand I have loved and chosen for my personal vehicle for many years now, so I thoroughly enjoyed being able …

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Porsche Track Experience Level One – The Bend Motorsport Park, Adelaide

I was honoured to recently be invited by Porsche to participate in their exclusive Porsche Track Experience. The team flew me to Adelaide, where they …

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Jimmy Choo – Men’s Fragrance Launch – ‘Urban Hero’

I recently had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Jimmy Choo’s latest men’s fragrance ‘Urban Hero’, with Australian music artist and performer Timomatic. …

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I keep my mind focused on my goals by often reminding myself to go back to basics and eliminating any thing that is unnecessary and results in time wasting. I am also a big believer in staying in your own lane, of looking forwards and not letting negativity be a distraction. marvinosifo photo
6 days ago
When we live our best lives, we inspire others to do the same and to exceed any limitations they’ve set on themselves. It’s what makes greatness flourish.
1 week ago
If your dreams seem insurmountable, break them up into achievable steps. When you meet a new milestone, celebrate it before moving on to the next step. That’s how we can enjoy the journey.
2 weeks ago
Always on the go, and need to be able to access my emails, website and social media. This is where my handy @MicrosoftAU #SurfaceTablet comes in. I can use the detachable keyboard when I have time to stop for a while, or just whip off the keyboard and use it like a tablet. marvinosifo photo


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